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Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Continues To Be Amazing .. And Will Be Into December 2016


Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Continues To Be Amazing .. And Will Be Into December 2016

by Admin

Have you ever experienced one of those days where the Stripers seem to just jump into your boat?  Well,  this is not only one of those days but one of those years.  The conditions are perfect for Texoma Striper Fishing to be a record breaking year.  The water is still a little warm,  the spawn is over and the fish are starting to school up.

We are limiting out on Stripers in 2-3 hours on a regular basis.  We are keeping all fish under 15 pounds which means that everyone is going home with plenty of filleted Striper.   When we get your limit of Texoma Stripers in the boat the fun doesn’t stop there,  we change things up and start fishing for perch.

The photo with this post was from November 12.  We were part of a 27 fishermen group that went out fishing for Stripers.  In just a few hours everyone had their Stripers in the box.

If you’re an avid Striper fisherman on one that has always wanted to fish for Texoma Stripers then this is the year you need to be on the water.  Stripers are amazing fighters.  There is no doubt when a Striper hits your rod,  the reel screams and you spend the next few minutes trying to get the thing under control.  If your luck enough to get a 20+ lb fish on the line then you have got a bigger tussle ahead of you.  These fish do not want to come in.

I have been Lake Texoma Striper Fishing for over 20 years now.  I know where the fish will be holding up and schooling.  I enjoy fishing with both experts and novices.  I also really enjoy putting kids on their first fish,  watching their ear to ear smile as they are fighting a fish is just as fun to catching one myself.

Come join us over this next month,  you will have the time of your life.

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